Ordinary Diploma in Social Protection (ODSP) or NTA Level 6
The purpose of this programme is to provide innovative, self-driven and flexible Diploma graduate in Social Protection, who will cope with the dynamic changes of social security business operations within new technological and socio-economic needs

Program Duration

Programme Duration

Start Date

1 Year

21st March 2021

Admission Qualification

Admission Requirements

Holder of Technician Certificate in  Social Protection (NTA Level 5) or  holder of Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE) with Two Principle Passes and One Subsidiary Pass.

Module Structure for ODSP First Semester

CODE                     Modules

SPD 06101

Principles of Social Protection

ECD 06101

Principles of Economics

BSD 06101

Principles of Accounting and Finance

CLD  06101

Learning and Communication Skills

MTD 06101

Basic Mathematics & Statistics

ITD 06101

Information Technology Applications

Module Structure for ODSP Second Semester

CODE                     Modules

SPD 06201

Legal Aspects of Social Protection

SPD 06202

Administration of Social Protection Schemes

SPD 06203

Fundamentals of Social Risk management

BSD 06201

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

BSD 06202

Principles of Marketing

SPD 06204

Field Practical Work

Summary of Fee Structure

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