B: Topic Delivery; 1-Completely Disagree, 5-Strongly Agree

  • Course Evaluation
  • Please indicate to what extent you agree with the following statements
  • C: Additional Feedback

Course Information

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Facilitaor Name:


On the scale provided, please rate the areas of the training as set out in this evaluation form.

A: General Feedback; 1-very Poor, 2-Poor, 3-Good, 4-Very Good, 5-Excellent

Training Overall

Time Management

Focus and structure of the course

Quality of meals

Quality of the Venue

B: Topic Delivery; 1-Completely Disagree, 5-Strongly Agree

The materials were easy to assimilate

The objectives of the training were met

The facilitator: Was knowledgeable on the subject matter and explained the concepts clearly and in an understandable way?

10. Which part of the Topic did you like most:

i) Day 1

ii) Day 2

iii) Day 3

iv) Day 4

11. Which topic would you need more training

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12. Which topic would you recommend for your Staff

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13.Any other area that you would need Training in future

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14. Generally comment about the training

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