Governance of Social Protection Systems: Role and Responsibility of CEOs and Board Members



Online Training Course On “Governance of Social Protection Systems: Role and Responsibility of CEOs and Board Members”


                 DATES:  2nd   to  4th  DECEMBER 2020


  1. Draft Time Table
  2. Course Description
  3. Course Objective
  4. Target Audience
  5. Learning Outcomes
  6. Course Content
  7. Learning Methods
  8. References




1.Governance of Social Protection

  • Framework of National Social Protection System (NSPS)
  • Social Security International Standards (ILO & UN, AU, SADC, & EAC instruments)
  • Instruments for Good Governance in Social Protection
  • Social Protection Statistics & indicators

2. Role of Stakeholders of a Social Insurance Scheme

  • The Government
  • Social Partners (employer & worker’s organizations)
  • Insured Population
  • Social Security Scheme
3. Governance of the Board of Directors/Trustees

  • Composition of BoD
  • The Role of a Board Member
  • Legal Status & Activities of the Board
  • Relationship with Other Bodies

4. Managerial Governance of Social Security Schemes

  • Management Structure
  • Objectives & Performance measurements
  • MIS & Record Keeping
  • Transparency & Fairness
  • Communications
  • Benchmarking Managerial Governance – based on appropriate social protection indicators
5. Financial Governance of Social Security Schemes

  • The Concept of Separation of Accounts
  • Budgets and Financial Controls
  • Monitoring Administrative Expenses
  • Monitoring Enforcement & Compliance
  • Issues of Audits, Value for Money & Fraud
  • Issues of Public Procurement
  • Benchmarking Financial Governance – based on appropriate social protection indicators

6. Financing Systems of Social Security Schemes

  • Application of Different Types of Contribution Rates
  • Investing Social Security Reserves
  • Objective, policy & strategy, financial markets & assets allocation, governance structure, benchmarking performance.
  • Administration & Financing of Social Assistance Schemes
  • Actuarial Practices in Social Security
  • Social Budgeting
  • Risk Management in the Context of Social Protection

Course Description & Overview

  • Governance of a social protection system is a set of legal and institutional arrangements designed to determining a socially and economically acceptable level of social protection through judiciously distributive structures and ensuring that benefits are delivered effectively and efficiently through a democratically supervised administration.
  • Social security boards are vital bodies for strengthening democratic governance and representing the interests of workers, employers, pensioners and other constituents in the national social protection system. They have important responsibilities to ensure that the schemes are transparent in their operations and assuring that their policies and practices comply with the law.
  • The online training course on “Social Security Governance for Board Members” is intended to increase the capacity of social security board members on a range of legal, regulatory, managerial and financial governance issues required at the level of a scheme and national system at large towards effective and efficient governance of social security schemes