Principle Statement

(1) Principal’s Statement

We are delighted that you have chosen to undertake your higher learning studies at ECASSA Institute of Social Protection (EISP). The Institute, which is managed by social security funds from seven Eastern and Central African countries, is uniquely equipped with current facilities, small-modern classrooms which allow greater interactions as well as qualified, experienced and friendly lecturers from a broad spectrum of disciplines. At the EISP students are exposed to a broad diversity of cultures from across the region and the globe, conducive learning environment and high quality competence based education and training in terms of the appropriate knowledge, skills, hands-on experiences as well as the attitude which meet the labour-market and industry demands both locally and internationally. On behalf of the EISP Community, I would like to warmly welcome all of you to study at the EISP where there is room for everybody, irrespective of one’s social status. EISP is an equal opportunity higher learning academic institution where every qualified learner, irrespective of one’s gender or social status, can be rest assured of  a lifetime opportunity to pursue his/her life’s long-term goals, dreams, aspirations and achievements.